Atlantis: The Visionary Continent, Vol. 1

61uficahaclA teenage girl is kidnapped from her home in the middle of the night. By perverts? By racketeers? By cannibals? No. By a group of men that look like they just left a Renaissance Fair – yeaaah, it doesn’t sound any less weird, but thank God it wasn’t the first three! =D

It turns out, these men are more legit that they seem, since the way they managed to get in and out of the girl’s room was through a portal leading to a vast, well-hidden continent on earth, that has yet to ever be discovered. Unless you count the ships that ran aground, and yet, the passengers and crew couldn’t remember ever running off course…hmm…

The main character, Achine (the girl in question), awakes to find herself in a lavished, royal bedroom. She also does not realize her own awakening to the truth of why she has been kidnapped, and a much deeper truth about the people she has known all her life, and what her true path beholds.

This story is very well written. Despite what may seem to be a very dramatic theme, I found myself laughing regularly at the expressions and reactions between Achine and her new band of cohorts. I was entertained with the quality of the writing and storytelling, and how clever Melissa Wong is with her character expressions and reactions. I don’t know if Melissa Wong has much experience writing (my best guess is she does), but she certainly has a lot of talent and I would love to see her continue her career as an LN author (after finishing this blog, I learned that she has released Vol. 2 of the series and it’s available on Amazon Kindle for $2.99).

The Art: I don’t normally rate the art for LNs because I’m not as knowledgeable about it as other professionals and freelancers, but I have to say that Melissa has performed well for being both the author and artist of her stories. Her style seems very much within the sh­­ōjo genre, and a little old fashioned, but it fits well, though I could easily see this story being adapted into a modern anime.


Even if you’re not into sh­­ōjo style anime, I would say pick this one up anyways, if you love good writing. It has a slight ‘Prince Charming’ flare to it, which I’m not against…I-I’m just not much of a knight in shining armor guy…~////~ But Melissa does away with that pretty quickly when things are supposed to get gritty, and they do. Her approach is very down to earth, with the practical humor to back it up.


Eiichi P.I., Vol. 1 by James K. Penn now available on Amazon Kindle at $3.99


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